I’m quite late, but these need to be written down. 
I think all of us change quite a bit every year, whether we realize it or not. This time, I want to have some more control over how I change, and so, I’m putting together this list of goals so that I actually have a chance of remembering these things. Maybe I’ll even be enticed to make a real effort to do them.
So here are my resolutions for the rest of this year:

  • Make a greater effort to know exactly who my family members are and how I’m related to them (I am planning a rather large family-tree project pretty soon)
  • Try to wear my clothes a little less sloppily, maybe make an effort to actually look presentable more often
  • Minimize self-guilt and let go of the old friends and memories that end up dragging me down, and at the same time maintain STRENGTHEN the relationships that are worth being kept.
  • Have the wisdom and courage to decide which friendships are worth being kept
  • Keep working hard, even if and after I do transfer this Fall
  • ORGANIZE better, 
  • maybe start actually finishing some of your assignments in ADVANCE for one
  • Read at least one novel for leisure every two months.
  • be better-than-crappy at WTP judging
  • get a job and provide yourself with some stable form of income
  • learn how to properly take a break once in a while
  • practice Clarinet more often
  • Be a better brother; leave my sister with the tools she needs to actually understand my parents
  • Get a decent amount of exercise to reduce my unending digestive problems
  • Keep sane
  • Somehow get my parents to realize that it is okay to let me go.
  • Take the trouble to go out and make new friends
  • Find a moderate path in my life
  • Read Supreme Court cases more often
  • Create a systemized way to research things


  1. nightmarealley said: This is really good! I may steal several of these for myself.
  2. turntablefuneral said: Man, that is a ton of resolutions. Good luck broooo
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